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I have been teaching bassoon lessons for 20 years.  It's something I love doing.  I don't think my life as a professional bassoon player would be complete without it.  I have a lot of fun and I believe my students do as well.   I teach students of all ages and all levels.  In addition to my private studio, I am on the faculties of Lewis and Clark College and University of Portland.  I also teach on Skype and FaceTime if traveling to me is not convenient or if it is your preferred method of taking lessons.  Taking lessons is a great way to get support and grow as a player and a person.  In addition to being a very good teacher, I am a great cheerleader!  I had several great private teachers along the way that were a part of my development and now it's my goal to be that person for my students.

bassoons student and teacher
bassoon student and teacher
bassoon students

As a professional bassoon player, it's imperative that I am able to make my own reeds.  My first teacher started teaching me about reed making when I was in 7th grade.  That was almost 30 years ago.  I've made thousands of reeds.  I teach my students to make reeds as well.  When selling finished reeds, I charge $35 for bassoon reeds and $40 for contrabassoon reeds.  Hand made reeds are so much better than store bought reeds!  I usually ask for a minimum order of 2 reeds and I charge $8 for shipping and insurance.  Click 'Buy Now' to give 2 bassoon reeds a try.  I can easily invoice you for more if you want.  Just send me a message.  Thanks!

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