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Check out some of my inventory below.  These are just a few of the instruments I have in stock.  If you're looking for something specific or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Prices may also be negotiable.  I try to have new Fox 220s on hand and can order any Fox bassoons or oboes if you would like to place an order.  Thanks!

new 220.jpeg

New Fox 220 - $10,315

This instrument is awesome!  This is a great bassoon for any serious player.  It has all the bells and whistles and is the first wooden bassoon for many now professionals. 

New 240.jpeg

New Fox 240 - $11,565

There is a reason why these are so popular!  They’re great!  They are the most desirable Fox model out there.  Great sound, great intonation, great all around!

I've been helping students, parents, and band directors purchase instruments for years.  I almost always recommend purchasing a Fox bassoon.  Fox bassoons offer the best intonation and sound production of any instrument out there.  They are also the most durable.  The first bassoon I played on was a Fox 41 and shortly after my parents purchased a Fox 220 for me.  In college I played on a Fox 601.  As a teacher, it's my hope that my students will also be lucky enough to play on Fox bassoons.  Now as a Fox dealer, I have the opportunity to offer competitive pricing on new Fox bassoon and oboe orders.  I also often have used instruments that I have repaired or am helping students sell.  Please let me know if you are interested in buying a new Fox bassoon or oboe or buying  or selling a used bassoon.

Interested in consignment?  Send me a message!

Financing is possible.  Ask for details.

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